Top 5 Weedmaps Cannabis Clubs in Ibiza

Looking to enjoy weed in Spain safely? Why not join one of the many cannabis clubs spread across the country? And most of these clubs are so discreet; most people don’t even know they exist. In this piece, we want to look at some of the top weedmaps Ibiza cannabis clubs. So if you are in Ibiza and you’re looking for a quiet, relaxed environment to enjoy good weed, you might want to keep reading.

1. Gream Club Ibiza

This is one of the most beautiful cannabis clubs in Ibiza, with a breezy and light atmosphere that feels inviting the moment you step in. If you are lucky enough to get Gream Ibiza membership, then you are in for the ultimate weed experience.

The club has lots of space for members. The wall art is a fantastically trippy swipe of professional art in an otherwise clean and crisp environment. Of all the weedmaps Ibiza cannabis clubs, Gream has the best wall art and some really high-quality strains to match. In there, the phrase high-grade is very appropriate; scroll down their Instagram page, and you’ll see the top-in-class strains they have for their members.

Some of the products they have on offer include Jack Diesel, Papaya, Critical Bilbao, Wedding Cake, Gelato Punch, Sherblato, among others. The club also has various American strains including Tropicana Cookies and Foxy Lady. It is also important to note that you can also grab a bottle of champagne or try one of the delicious, fruity smoothies they have on offer.

2. The Green Diamond Club

Located in the heart of Ibiza, this is another private cannabis club that guarantees members a friendly and relaxing environment to enjoy their weed. While its location is quite busy and popular in the city, the club is still very tricky to find, and most people will never know it is there. As with many weedmaps cannabis clubs in Ibiza, they like the anonymity to keep things lowkey.

They have a range of Sativa, Indica, and hybrid buds that will have you going back for more. Some varieties you can hope to find here include Amnesia, Super Lemon Haze, Blue Elaphant, Shaman, New York Diesel, among others. There is also Ripper Haze, Afghan, and Mexican pollen.

Be sure to contact them before arriving. If you’re lucky enough to step in, then you have surely found the Green Diamond of Ibiza!

3. Club Ibiza Maria

This lowkey club is one the most understated weedmaps Ibiza clubs but has among the top-quality weed strains in Ibiza; and of course, very comfy sofas. Plus, they have a range of very tasty edibles. Club Ibiza is especially excellent for those that prefer their weed digestible, not smokable.

The club values its privacy and that of its members. Therefore, you might want to make very gentle communication before arriving. If you get a referral from an existing member, you are more likely to have your membership request granted. And when you step in there, you are sure to keep going back for more.

4. Escape Club Ibiza

If you are a newbie visiting Ibiza, this probably your best bet at weed club membership in the city. Unlike most weedmaps Ibiza clubs, Escape club has a working website through which you can request membership.

Decorated in a unique and classy fashion, Escape Club Ibiza is designed to provide members a social club atmosphere. They have a wide selection of strains, including both high-grade and hash. Purple Trainwreck, Gelato, Gorilla Glue #4, London Poundcake, Cream X Gelato, Blue Dream, and Carme 66 are some of the common strains here. They will also have the potent American strain, Runtz.

5. Bloom Ibiza

This is a members-only club found in the heart of Playa Den Bossa. Known for its high-quality strains, the variety of hash and weed you will get in Bloom Ibiza is second-to-none. Located close to Sankeys in Sant Jordi district, this weedmaps Ibiza club offers a perfect environment for late-night or early-morning social smoking.

The club runs from 10 to 10, so after clubbing through the night and then lazing around on the sandy beach as the sun rises, it is a perfect place for a breakfast smoke with your friends. Just like all other Ibiza cannabis clubs, Bloom has a wide range of cannabis products on offer. And their staff is among the top-rated in all of Ibiza.

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