Cannabis Clubs Ibiza – Quick Tips and Recommendations

Cannabis clubs in Spain have become the hot topic for a lot of cannabis tourists and the weed tourism industry in general. The relaxed situation in Barcelona and the booming cannabis club scene mean a lot of people are now wondering what the situation is in other parts of sunny Spain. Ibiza has long been a bastion of the dance music counter-culture in the Balearic Islands and everyone knows about this iconic party island. It’s the natural progression to then wonder what the reality is when it comes to cannabis clubs in Ibiza and Ibiza weed law.

Can you join a weed club in Ibiza and what’s the best way to go about it?

In this article we will try to give a brief overview of what the situation is and offer some quick tips and recommendations regarding cannabis tourism in Ibiza. The situation isn’t quite as transparent as it is in other parts of Spain, so bear in mind that this information may change in the future. We hope that things will get more relaxed and potentially legalised, but as of 2018, this is how things stand with the Ibiza cannabis club scene.

Ibiza Weed Law

The general blanket rules across Spain apply to Ibiza weed law as well. In Spain you can pretty much do whatever you want in the privacy of your own home – including grow and smoke cannabis. The problems will come when you start taking those activities in to a public place or making it publicly known that this is what you are doing. It’s still illegal in public.

Every district of Spain has their own specific laws amended by the court system, but the broad situation is roughly the same. You can join an Ibiza Cannabis Club, but that club must be registered with the Spanish government. You can contribute to the weed supplied and grown by that cannabis club with money. However, you can’t buy weed. They can’t sell you weed. You can’t smoke it in public and you most definitely cannot smoke in front of a police officer. It is not legal in public places. It is only legal in the privacy of your home or a private members club. Remember those key facts and you can’t go too far wrong when trying to get weed in Ibiza.

The reality

As with many laws in many countries, the reality can be slightly different to the laws and facts presented to the public. The cannabis clubs in Ibiza are more like Ibiza weed dispensary’s than you would expect. As with a lot of drugs in Ibiza, the police will often turn a blind eye to most low-level crime – but that’s not always the case. The police will, and do, enforce the law based on their own personal assessment at the time. What one police officer may find to be perfectly acceptable from one individual may land another person a night in the police cells or a huge fine.

The real reality is that it’s not entirely safe for tourists to smoke cannabis in Ibiza. Not like it is in Amsterdam or Barcelona. If you are a local or living on the island, then you may find that you have an easier time if confronted by a police officer. The police will often issue fines for cannabis related offences and could even choose to upgrade the crime and take you to the station, depending on the context of the situation. Doing this to a tourist who is likely to pay up is preferable to fining a local who has the ability and time to contest the situation.

Aside from this, many locals just grow their own cannabis at home so don’t need a weed dispensary. It’s perfectly legal to grow cannabis in your own private residence in Ibiza, so why go to the effort of trying to buy it when it grows in your garden with very little help needed? The temperate weather in Ibiza make it an ideal environment to grow cannabis as it will grow outside pretty much all year round. If you speak to a local, you will find this is what many of them prefer to do. It’s also a lot more common than you might think.

Tips & Recommendations

Apply for a club membership online on IbizaWeedGuide.COM before you go

There are a handful of cannabis clubs in Ibiza that are made available to the public. They are few and far between though. Many of the legitimate weed dispensaries in Ibiza don’t want to open their doors to swathes of drug and alcohol-fuelled tourists and who can blame them. If you feel like you want to join a dispensary when visiting Ibiza, then it is difficult… but completely possible.

The best advice we can give is to message us. It’s perfectly fine to join a cannabis club in Ibiza using our services. Try to remember that it’s more like a private members club than it is a bar, nightclub or Ibiza cannabis café.

Be careful around police

This cannot be stressed enough. The police in Ibiza have a lot to deal with and therefore you shouldn’t act like an idiot around them. They can lock you up and fine you if they feel like it. If you’re being blatant and smoking a joint outside in a public place, then they have every right to fine or arrest you. Don’t make it easy for them to do so. Smoke in private places or in the comfort of an Ibiza weed dispensary.

Don’t drive while high!

If you’ve never been to Ibiza, then there is a negative side to the island. Plenty of people every year are killed on the roads due to people driving whilst on drugs and alcohol. It is unfortunately a real problem in the party capital of Europe. It’s certainly never a good idea to walk along any dark road at night if you are a pedestrian. People often drive erratically and any local would rather drive you themselves than let you walk home in the dark.

Having said this, it’s logical then to say: don’t drink or drive whilst under the influence of drugs or alcohol – of any kind. If you are high whilst driving it will impair your ability to react quickly. There is a higher than average chance of coming across a drunk driver in Ibiza, so don’t risk you own life. If you are visiting for a short time, don’t rent a bike or car, just get taxis and let the local drivers deliver you home safely. If you’re staying for a longer period, then always make sure you are sober and fully alert before getting in a vehicle.

Enjoy yourself

Obviously if you are going to Ibiza, you are there to have a good time and do some dancing. Joining an Ibiza weed dispensary is a great idea, but if you can’t get an invite don’t risk your money and freedom buying cannabis from the dealers on the street. There are plenty of street dealers around but many of them are selling wet, rubbish, low-quality weed. If you’re a cannabis connoisseur, then don’t waste your time. There is also the very real risk that someone selling drugs on the street could be a police officer looking to bust you, so stick to the weed clubs in Ibiza and blazing up with locals. It will be a lot less stressful and paranoia inducing!

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