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The 5 Best Cannabis Clubs in Ibiza - Ibiza Weed Guide

The 5 Best Cannabis Clubs in Ibiza

Cannabis culture in Spain is a booming industry and it has the authorities in a muddle. The success of underground cannabis clubs in cities like Barcelona is a threat to the status quo of the current cannabis laws. The country has created a situation that lies within a grey area of the legality concerning recreational marijuana consumption. Every district of the country also treats the enforcement of the laws very differently and it can be hard to tell as an outsider what the situation might well be.

The situation in Ibiza is one with much tighter restrictions and harsher enforcement than Barcelona or Murcia, so it’s best to know before you go. It is still very possible to gain membership to cannabis clubs in Ibiza if you are willing to put in a bit off effort and are patient. If you’re an avid pothead heading to the beautiful Balearic Islands, then there is only one question: What are the 5 best cannabis clubs in Ibiza?

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1. Escape Club Ibiza
2. Gream Ibiza
3. The Green Diamond Club Ibiza
4. Bloom Ibiza
5. Club Ibiza Maria

Below we’ve tried to list the most readily available clubs that may allow residents and travellers to become members. Many of the cannabis clubs in Ibiza have very tightly closed doors and you may need to get an invitation from a local, or have proof of residence on the island. The legal ramifications for cannabis clubs in Ibiza not following the rules are very real and most weed clubs are keen to be careful. They want to protect the organisers and the members who frequent these chilled out Ibiza coffeeshops. The cannabis clubs we are discussing in this article are also mostly in Ibiza town. There are also cannabis clubs in San Antonio, but don’t be surprised if they are even harder to get an invitation to apply for membership with than the clubs in Ibiza town. San Antonio is well known as the party central of the island and so cannabis clubs in this area will want to avoid being noticed by out-of-it clubbers from abroad. The more relaxed and local Ibiza Town will be a much easier place to acquire membership.

The golden rule when contacting these cannabis clubs is to ask if you can request an invitation to become a member. If you start asking questions about cannabis or smoking, then chances are they will shut down the conversation quickly. Be polite, request an invitation and don’t be surprised if they want some proof of identification when you arrive at the club doors. Cannabis clubs in Spain take member identification very seriously and many have to keep a log of all active members – so don’t be shocked when you have to hand over your passport on arrival.

1. Escape Club Ibiza

Escape Club Ibiza is probably the best bet at cannabis club membership for a newbie visiting the island of endless parties. Unlike many of the other Ibiza cannabis clubs, this one has an actual website you can use to request membership. This is commonplace in other parts of Spain, like Barcelona, but in Ibiza it is very rare indeed. The club is decorated in a classy fashion and is designed to create a social club atmosphere. It’s situated in the Sant Jordi area of Ibiza town which means its in very close proximity to Bora Bora and Sankeys and DC10. They have a great selection of strains for members to enjoy, including both hash and high grade. They’ve also got a coffee machine if you need a little pick-me-up after the night before!

2. Gream Ibiza

Gream is a beautiful club with a light and breezy atmosphere that feels very inviting. If you’re lucky enough to get membership here, then you’ll always have a relaxing and friendly space to enjoy your cannabis. The wall art by Toska47 is a fantastically trippy swipe of art in an otherwise crisp and clean environment. Out of all the cannabis clubs in Ibiza this one has the best art and some fantastic strains to match. A quick scroll through their Instagram will show you the high quality of strains they have available for their members on a regular basis. The phrase high-grade is very much appropriate. If you’re peckish or thirsty they also have a great selection of drinks and snacks. If you’re looking to celebrate then grab a bottle of champagne or if you’ve been up all night raving, then maybe try one of their delicious and fruity smoothies!

Gream is also host to regular film night and DJ sessions, so be sure keep an eye on their social channels and see what’s coming up. They have a great projector for films and – as with everyone in Ibiza – great taste in music. Gream is close to Club JB and Ushuaia Club, so it’s perfect for a social pitstop before heading out on a wild evening.

3. The Green Diamond Club Ibiza

Green Diamond club is another Ibiza cannabis club located in the heart of Ibiza City. Just a short walk from club Ushuaia and the Port d’Eivissa. Being in a very busy and popular area of Ibiza, it can be a little tricky to find. As with many Ibiza cannabis cafes they like to remain anonymous and keep things lowkey. Be sure to make contact before arriving and if you can get a referral from a friend, then you stand more of a chance at an invitation to membership. If you are lucky enough to get inside, you’ve found the diamond of Ibiza (… well the green one anyway!).

4. Bloom Ibiza

This members-only cannabis club in the heart of Playa D’en Bossa is another high-quality Ibiza weed café. The variety of weed and hash available is second-to-none and they take pride in having a varied selection on offer. Its location close to Sankeys in the Sant Jordi district is perfect for a bit of late night or early morning social smoking. They run from ten till ten, so after clubbing all night and lazing around on the beach in the morning sun, it’s a perfect stop for a breakfast smoke with friends! The logo and décor are noticeable for their two-tone squares pattern and it’s a pattern that’s sure to be emblazoned on your eyes after taking part in some of their high-quality treats.

5. Club Ibiza Maria

This understated and lowkey club has some fantastically comfortable sofas! They also have a range of tasty edibles. Perfect if you prefer your weed digestible and not smokable. Located close to Club JB and in Ibiza City, this cannabis club values it’s privacy. If you want to join, you’ll need to make a very gentle communication or preferably be referred by an existing member. As with many of the cannabis clubs in Ibiza they aren’t too keen on promoting themselves, so don’t be surprised if it’s quite tough to get an invitation for membership. As with all the cannabis clubs on our list, a treat waits for those who do manage to get membership!

If you want to join any of the clubs we’ve mentioned above, then the advice is always the same. Make contact before you visit the establishment and be respectful when talking to cannabis clubs. Don’t ever discuss cannabis with them before you are a member and certainly don’t ask if you can buy weed in Ibiza. Cannabis clubs in Spain are obligated to follow the law and therefore you are not allowed to buy cannabis. When you sign up, you become a member of the club and you can share in the weed produced by that cannabis club. Just use words like ‘get’, ‘have’ and ‘try’, instead of asking to buy cannabis.

If you have a friend who is already a member then life is a lot easier as they can invite you. Do make sure they know the etiquette of the individual cannabis club in question though. If you’re going to invite a new member, be sure to ask the organisers if it’s ok to do so. It’s also a good idea to arrange a convenient time to bring someone in for the sign-up process. Most cannabis club organisers are friendly and accommodating so it’s best to polite and stay in their good books.

The cannabis club laws in Ibiza and Spain are very open to interpretation by the authorities. Always remember to play it safe and be respectful. Don’t walk around town smoking huge spliffs and don’t be blatant about possession of marijuana in Ibiza. It’s still illegal to possess it in the street and to smoke it in a public place. The freedoms surrounding recreational cannabis use in Spain are designed to protect users in their own homes and in the comfort of a licensed cannabis club. If you get caught smoking on the street, it’s still illegal and you could face fines or possibly arrest. Be safe and know the rules.

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